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Madison, Connecticut dentists Dr. Brian Sawchuk and Dr. Tony D'Occhio, treat the general, cosmetic, and family dental needs of adults and children.  Our general dental office in Madison, CT focuses on thorough and relaxed patient dental care.

Preventative Care

Sawchuk and D'Occhio Dental specializes in general dental care for adults and children.  Drs. Sawchuk and D'Occhio and their dental team are expertly trained in restorative dental fillings, oral cancer screenings, sedation dentistry and professional dental hygiene cleanings. 

Dental Cleanings and Fillings

Our office specializes in routine oral care, including professional dental cleanings, oral examinations including oral cancer screening, and restorative fillings.

Professional Dental Cleanings

It is recommended both by the American Dental Association and our office that patients receive regular professional tooth cleanings at least every 6 months.  These preventative services include treatment by our certified Dental Hygienists to remove plaque build up and stains, fluoride application (if preferred), and teeth polishing.  Sealants may be applied on younger patients. We also provide education on proper tooth brushing and flossing, if desired.

Restorative Dental Fillings

A filling is often necessary to fill a cavity within the tooth.  The filling is the material that your Dentist uses to fill a cavity after removing tooth decay.  This is a standard dental procedure and typically involves little discomfort.

The Dentist will numb the area (teeth, gums, tongue) around the tooth that requires restoration, using an anesthetic.  Our office also offers Sedation Dentistry via Nitrous Oxide administration, if necessary, to reduce pain and help patients to relax during the procedure.  Any tooth decay will be removed and replaced with a filling.