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Madison, Connecticut dentists Dr. Brian Sawchuk and Dr. Tony D'Occhio, treat the general, cosmetic, and family dental needs of adults and children.  Our general dental office in Madison, CT focuses on thorough and relaxed patient dental care.

Oral Surgery

Sawchuk and D'Occhio Dental provide Oral Surgery care, specifically tooth extraction and dental implants.

Oral Surgery

A number of dental conditions require oral surgery, some noted below.  Our dental professionals offer consultations for your dental surgery needs, and while we often will perform the treatment in our office, at times, more advanced or complex cases may require referral to a local Oral Surgeon.


At times, teeth require extraction.  This may occur if a tooth decays, a baby tooth does not fall out on its own timely, or third molars become impacted.  In these cases, your Dentist will evaluate your mouth and recommend a course of action to remove the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of teeth to develop.  Often the mouth is not large enough to fit these teeth. In this instance, one or more of these third molars fails to emerge in proper alignment or fails to fully emerge through the gum line and becomes trapped (or "impacted") between the jawbone and the gum tissue.  Impacted wisdom teeth can result in swelling, pain, and infection of the gum tissue surrounding the wisdom teeth.

Your Dentist will examine your mouth and the tooth or teeth in question.  We will offer treatment options and time frames, typically to have such teeth surgically removed.  While we do treat some cases of third molar extraction, these cases often require referral to an Oral Surgeon for treatment.